Frequently Asked Questions

Before application:

Q: Can I consult with anyone before deciding on which school to attend?
A: EDI staff can arrange personal counseling with applicants either by phone, e-mail or in person. Please contact us with your questions.

Q: What is the benefit of applying for these schools through EDI?
A: EDI can offer discounts on tuition as well as support and transfer service.

Q: Does EDI charge any other fees?
A: No, we do not charge the applicant any additional fees. We offer free application and transfer assistance between our recommended schools.

During the program:

Q: Is there any support service after arrival in the U.S?
A: Yes. If you have any questions, concerns or problems, please feel free to contact EDI. We also have a support service program designed for those who need further assistance during their stay in the U.S. Please inquire with us for available assistance options.

After completion of the program:

Q: Are there any internship opportunities after completing the program?
A: Yes. EDI can assist you in finding both paid and unpaid internship positions. We have an Open Position List with information on available positions. If you are interested in internship opportunities, we can assist you with placement and visa document preparation.