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EDI Weekly News

Updated on 10/03/2011

 Dear Friends,

"In and Out Burger," famous for its tasty hamburgers and french fries - always made fresh daily - is a fun place to view America. The first thing I noticed when I visited last night was the simplicity of the menu: they only have hamburgers, french fries and drinks! It turns out that there is more though. A "secret menu, " that everyone seems to know about, includes a "4 x 4," four hamburger patties with four slices of cheese and "Animal Style", a burger with mustard cooked beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc. While the secret menu may be hidden from sight I was surprised to see what they had clearly posted: the calories of each item. A cheeseburger is 480 calories; my chocolate shake was 590. You would have to run about ten miles to burn off all of the calories I consumed last night, a fact I would rather not know. I think they made the wrong menu secret.

EDI Information: Alabama's Immigration Law

In the news this week we have heard that an Alabama law allowing the police to check people for the legality of their immigration status was allowed by a Federal Judge. Police, stopping someone for a broken headlight, can check to confirm the person they stop is legally in the country. The confirmation of this Alabama law has had interesting results. One sugar beet farmer said that only 4 of the 16 people he hired to pick his crops had shown up for work. Is it possible that some of the jobs not popular with Americans, like picking sugar beets, are being performed by people with improper immigration status?

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Hope you have a week that includes a bit of exercise with your burgers,

Dan Augustine