Optional Voice Lessons

The Optional Voice Set includes two private lessons and one group lesson with one of Hollywood's most popular voice instructors.   This instructor has taught the professional actors who performed in major musicals played in L.A. such as "Wizard of Oz" and "High School Musical".   After EDI arranges your first meeting with the teacher you work out your next lesson at a time good for both of you.

Sample Voice Lesson schedule:

Lesson 1
•Warm-up exercises
•Breathing practice to strengthen muscles
•Human body structure for understanding vocalism and musical scale

Lesson 2
•Warm-up exercises
•Yoga breathing methods
•Body structure instruction
•Select first song for practice

Lesson 3
•Lesson review
•Warm-up exercise
•Acting method for performance

Lesson 4
•Breathing method
•Warm-up exercises
•Analysis of individual singing style
•Study of musical notes

Lesson 5
•Warm-up exercises
•Add another song for practice