Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs


   Q: Who is going to come to pick me up at the airport?

    A: A professional service will pick you up at LAX and take you back to your hotel.

   Q: I understand that the program starts on Mondays. Do I have to pay extra money if I arrive on weekends?

   A: We like to be available when you arrive to help if needed. If you arrive on weekends or outside of the business hours (9am-5pm), it will cost an extra $75.

   Q: What if I want to arrive on a Monday, but it is a national holiday in the United States?

  A: Please arrive on the next day, Tuesday, so that we are in the office and there will be no extra cost for you.


   Q: How do I take classes at Millennium?

   A: Participants receive a 40 lessons dance pass at the front desk of the Millennium when they check in on their first day. This pass allows you to join any class you like, except the "Master Classes" which are generally on Friday Nights. Once you complete those 40 lessons you can obtain another 40-lesson dance pass at the front desk with a specially discounted EDI price.


    Q: How can I go to Millennium Dance Complex from where I stay?

    A: Your housing will be within walking distance of a subway station. You take the Metro Red line from your station and go to North Hollywood station - the final station. From there you walk about 10 minutes to Millennium. There are no train transfers.


    Q: How much is the subway from where I stay to Millennium?

    A: One way ticket costs $1.25 (Nov. 2009). You can also get weekly ($17) or monthly ($62) passes at stores near Millennium or near the hotel where you stay.

    Q. How do I go from my hotel to the English school or from the English school to the Millennium?

    A: The school, the hotel and the Millennium are all on the Metro Red Line. You just find your stop on the map and get off when you arrive. You never have to transfer.