Chiru Mackert

Japanese Operations

Chiru Mackert, who assisted EDI applicants with their J visa in 2007, and subsequently has been assisting Japanese participants and partners with communications and document translation, came to the US from Japan in 2003. In Japan she earned a Masters degree in Computer Science and worked for the premier telecommunications company in Japan. She excels at assisting Japanese participants in learning American culture and English based on her personal experiences. She spends
much of her limited spare time volunteering at a local senior center.

EDI Staff



Dan Augustine


Mr. Augustine, who holds a Master's Degree in Educational Administration from San Francisco State University, founded EDI following a three-year stay in Japan where he trained for the 1988 Olympic team. His experience there as well as his experiences living at the Olympic Training Center in Mexico City and teaching in a bilingual classroom in New York's Spanish Harlem helped him develop his unique cross-cultural perspective. A U.S. National Champion, Mr. Augustine presently holds a fifth degree black belt and teaches a judo class of young future Olympians.












Simone Ribeiro

Work and Travel Specialist

Simone Ribeiro Holds a B.A. in Humanities and a post-graduate degree in Marketing. Ms. Ribiero has owned an English school for over twenty-five years and has been involved in Exchange programs since 1990, when she started sending her students abroad on High School programs. She started recruiting Work & Travel and Internship students in 2001 and came to know about EDI during an international job fair in Brazil.  After recruiting exclusively for EDI for 5 years, she joined EDI as their International Operations Manager. Her first-hand understanding of our international partners makes her an especially valuable member of the EDI team.





Cesar Gomez

Database/Operations Coordinator

Cesar Gomez, earned his degree in Industrial Engineering at Carlos III University, Madrid, Spain and gained extensive experience with international business as well as databases and computers at FEDEX/Zeleris, Spain. He has personally experienced life as an international student in the US and went through a J Visa Training program at EDI before taking on his current position as Operations Coordinator. He has assisted hundreds of international participants, host companies across the country as well as our numerous international partners.








Rafael Garcia Bonifácio

Work and Travel Specialist

Rafael Bonifacio, an Advertising and Marketing student in Brazil, has been working at EDI as a program assistant for two years. He enjoys assisting our many international participants - learning how to deal with the variety of cultures and the variety of interesting situations that occur. In his free time he likes teaching Graphic Design, practicing sports and playing with all sort of electronic gadgets.